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Tuesday, April 18th, 2017
8:20 pm
Closing soon!
I've moved this journal to http://silverwdreams.dreamwidth.org/. I will be closing it soon. I don't know if anyone follows this journal anymore, as I haven't updated it in a long while. Just wanted to post this in case.

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Friday, August 7th, 2009
9:03 am
Awful, weird dreams
I was supposed to be meeting friends for a markeroni snarfari, starting at a local park (which doesn't exist in real life but showed up several times in my dream). I was going to take them to sites nearby that I missed the last time we did a snarfari in Fairfax. I was going to be late to the party because I was volunteering (as I do every Sat morning) and then decided on a whim to stop by the bookstore because a friend (the only friend I know in real life who watches this show) told me the Top Gear guys were signing their latest books.

Only James & Jeremy were there signing, but it was still really neat to meet them. Their book was small & thin; like a pocket edition or something. It had to do with car maintenance or was a road guide or something like that. Anyway, I wrote out my name on a napkin for them to read so they wouldn't get it wrong when they autographed the book.

I was running really late by then and headed to my car; which was actually my mother's white van. Don't know why I was driving that. As I was heading to my car in the parking lot, I just happened to glance over at the front of the store and saw a man dressed in black with a black ski mask and a gun in hand. He fired several bullets into the air and people started screaming and running. I crouched down at the end of the car, on the far side from the isle.

But, stupid me, I decided to get up and see if the coast was clear and the guy spotted me. I put my hands up, motioning for the guy not to shoot. But I ended up getting shot three times in the back. I felt horrible pain and then woozy, fuzzy grayness took over. I doubled over and then went facefirst into the sidewalk.

I woke up in the hospital. My purse had been stolen so they didn't know who I was at first. My first thought was wondering if the book was safe or if I'd put that in my purse. My second thought was that I really should have called my friends to tell them why I'd be late. The pain was awful though.

I woke up at that point, freaking out a little. When I finally fell back to sleep, I had another dream. Not so sure where I was (a college/residency program or something?) I ran into my ex-boyfriend at the dining hall. He was working in food services, behind the counter. We caught up.

Then I caught a bus to that park. I was friends with the bus driver, who seemed surprised when I gave him my destination. "You want to be dropped off HERE?" I told him I did, that I had friends waiting. So I got out of the bus and walked across the gravel lot to the trees around the bend and beginning of the park.

I don't remember what happened from there but I wound up at a meeting of some sort-- like a volunteering club or something. They were discussing some presentation or fair or musical or something. And a guy visiting with his friend from our sister chapter in the UK was dressed as a 20 dollar bill. He did a musical number we all laughed at, but one of the guys in our board of directors jumped up from his seat to announce the guy had just done so well he earned a trip to Michigan to perform for his fourth grade students. I guess to people in the UK, Michigan is as exotic a place as any, because the guy was excited.

I did some research on 20 dollar bills and found a whole bunch of stuff I showed them from the internet. They were grateful for my enthusiasm and help. But I don't know if they reworked their presentation or not because I woke up shortly after.

Note- the getting shot in the back thing might have had to do with the fact that I watched Four Brothers and my favorite character gets shot in the back.

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Thursday, November 27th, 2008
11:56 am
Strange Dreams
I had a numbers of dreams last night because I kept making myself go back to sleep. I can't remember the first one now, but I do remember forcing myself to wake up and go get some water so I would shake it off and not go back to it when I went back to sleep. I think it was scary or I did something terribly wrong.

The second one was interesting. I moved to Iowa with my dad and sister and I was a high school student at my high school (which had been transplanted from Virginia to Iowa). On visits to Iowa to see my grandmother noticed magic of some sort-- a door that opened up into a midievil world or a set of Legos I was encouraged to build with that created the portal or something like that. Anyway, after moving back there, there seemed to be more interesting things going on. They were gearing up for Halloween at the school and for some reason the principal or assistant principal was wearing a gigantic lock on chains around her neck but she didn't have the key to get it off. I had the key or found the key or something. I had another key of the same size that was tiny and hung around my neck on a gold chain. Anyway, I was on the bus to go to school with a bunch of people and she was complaining that she couldn't get the lock off. So I used the key and she was so impressed with me. For some reason I had both driven to school and taken the bus- I kept going back and forth to both since I remember the bus ride but I also remember circling the school in order to park in the gravel shoulder of the road up front. Then, when the bus stopped, I leaned out of the door and pushed my car(as if it were a light toy) into place behind the next car on the shoulder in front of the school, with trees overhanging from the grassy/tree-filled area between the main road and the school (where, in real life, lots of people park at that school). Anyway, I helped her with the lock several more times that day and at one, one guy grilled me about what that other key I had around my neck was for. I told him it was to my suitcase, since I'd just arrived, and I was awful at losing things so it was on a gold chain around my neck so I didn't lose it.

Then I went out at some point to get something from my car and it suddenly wasn't how I'd left it. Instead of being parked in parallel on the shoulder, my car and all the others, were arranged in an angle parking situation. I couldn't figure it out at first since I'd had the emergency brake on and the Club on the stearing wheel. But then I saw several foxes down the row pushing a car into place. Magical foxes. Problem was, they saw me. They darted over and threatened me because I'd found them out. They were "good" magic, they told me, making it easier to fit more cars this way. I was suspicious. Later I drove by with my father and pointed out that the cars had been moved and he was kind of shocked/surprised. I tried to explain what I'd saw, that it was magic, and he didn't seem to completely believe me though he did accept that it must be something magical.

Then we were at the grocery store. I noticed all the little kids/babies would get upset whenever I was near. Instead of being happy as they should have when I waved cutely at them, they would stop smiling and frown or cry. I picked out a box of honey nut cheerios (what I eat every morning) and sister picked out a box of frosted mini-wheats with strawberry. I moved away on my own and came upon this either young couple or two teens looking after their young sister. She was a little Asian girl, adopted and soooo cute. She was giggling and smiling and I came over and she frowned. They laughed. The young girl told me to pat my head and rub my tummy- she loved when people did that. So I tried it and she began wailing. I stopped and left the area quickly to find my family. It seemed like there were some, strange disconnect between me and everyone else in the town, making them react differently. I tried to explain what was happening and (for some reason) had LEGOs. I build something and showed them. The store began shaking- food falling off shelves, etc. And a doorway opened up to somewhere bad. Then, suddenly, the little girl was there, out of her stroller, standing across the room laughing a very evil laugh at me. I knew what I had to do. I chased after her, getting her out of the room and the doorway closed. It occurred to me that it was the dark color LEGOs which had attracted the evil. I dismantled the tower/castle I'd built, removing all the dark blues and blacks (I wasn't so worried about the ble ones but they were stuck to the black parts for the most part and better safe than sorry- easier not to take the time to pry them off).

I started building something out of just the light gray castle LEGO blocks to see if something good would arise, but then I woke up. Guess I'll never know.

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Sunday, October 19th, 2008
6:33 pm
Dream: WRock Fiasco
I had a dream last night that I was going to a Wizard Rock concert where Justin Finch-Fletchley, the Whomping Willows, and Draco and the Malfoys were performing. It was at a hospital or something like that. JFF went on first and played Dumbledore is Gay first. Then I went and checked out the gift shop because they'd given out coupons to everyone in attendance. I bought some software for a friend and went home to install it. Had some trouble getting all the bugs out, and apparently there was some conspiracy with the store. Finally I remembered the concert! I rushed back just as they were ending. Apparently, Whompy & the Dracos had each performed totally new songs as well and were fantastic and I missed the whole thing because I was so stupid and forgetful! I felt so depressed! And I woke up feeling depressed. Gah!

At least now if I attend another concert, I will have learned to stay put through the whole thing!

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Thursday, June 26th, 2008
11:26 am
Dream: Police cars & friends
I keep neglecting to record my dreams- it's been almost a year since my last entry here! But I thought I'd post this one while I remember it.

The first thing I can remember about it is police cars. I remember thinking- not these here, again! I'd either experienced this in a previous dream or earlier in the dream when I can't remember what happened. But at any rate, I was going to visit ResQGeek and he lived in a mansion (i.e. not where he currently lives). Out front, there was a handful of police cars, parked at angles, showing off their insides with doors open or their engines with hoods up. It was some public service something to educate people about police cars.

RQG's wife- who wasn't his real life wife, but some other person- sat me down for a therapy session. We talked a while about my life/problems. Can't remember a thing I said, and it was a really short session.

Then I met up inside with a small group of my friends- a few BookCrossing friends, a few fandom friends, and Alan Cumming. Therapist lady put on some DVD of an interview with a performer and we all commented. Alan liked it and suggested we all go into show business. Then we all decided we needed to drum up more recruits/friends.

That's when my alarm woke me.

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Sunday, August 5th, 2007
11:31 am
Dream: Escapee
I had a Harry Potter dream last night!

First I was following (3rd person) this woman and her son who were in this small town. They'd heard Sirius Black was on the loose and knew he'd be coming for them since they were his family. She was kind of pissed at him (I assume, because he turned back and did murder) but the son was sure he was innocent. The son left notes/food about for him to find, then both wife & son left town.

Then I WAS Sirius Black. I gave myself a hairhut, cutting it very close so I didn't match the posters. I broke into this store/house across the street from a pub. I found the food the kid had left me and really needed sleep, so I slept on the floor. Someone walked in on me sleeping the next day, and said I had to leave. Then she said they'd been told to expect someone turning up there and asked if I didn't want a bite to eat at the pub. I thought of Julie (wife's name) and smiled thinking that she must have told them about me- very nice of her. I really wanted to sleep more after my journey, but didn't have any money and figured they didn't give special rates to convicted murderers who'd just escaped. I did check out my reflection in a mirror on my way out. I looked like me in real life, but a little different and almost completely bald. I laughed thinking that no one would recognize me.

So I went to eat something and the pub was almost empty except for Hagid, who took up several seats. Hagrid was talking about my escape and how the Dementors would surely find me and going into deatails about my worse-than-death fate. On my way out, only Hagrid and I remained (the guy mopping the floors and the woman who had served me food were in the kitchen/back doing something). I walked close to the table and smiled slyly at Hagrid. Then I said something like. "I've got to be the one to tell you, but Sirius Black is innocent. Dumbledore and Remus Lupin wouldn't want you talking that way... especially Dumbedore." Then I started to leave and turned back around, leaning on the doorjamb. "I know about Sirius Black, because you're looking right at him."

I heard Hagrid jump to his feet and began running. I had to run down this old wooden staircase, and was surprised at how fast Hagrid was moving for a huge half-giant! He nearly caught me but I got down first and kept running. That's when I woke up.

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Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
11:26 am
Dream: Long series of events
I slept a really long time last night to make up for little sleep for the last few weeks. But I kept waking up and falling back to sleep. I've forgotten most of the dream now, but here's what I can remember:

I was with Evan, my boss from work#1's son. I'd asked him to do something for me or get something for me. And then I think I got mad because it wasn't quite right. There was some crying, and I distinctly remember this little toy truck made out of weed that used to be, like, a flatbed but with two large boxes on the back- not the way they usuaully are, with one on the back of the truck and one in tow, but side-by-side. They were circular (like a cement truck or something) but I'd sawed off the top so they were flat, and I'd painted it blue. Anyway, I took Evan aside and apologized for getting mad, and thanked him, and we worked whatever it was out.

But by then I was practically late for work, and worried about that. But I ended up with a group of people- several of who were my elementary school teaches like Mrs. Kruger and Mrs. Sherril. I said hello to Mrs. Sherril when she walked right past me but she didn't say hello, and I thought maybe she didn't remember me. She was my 1st grade teacher, after all, but I did do a little babysitting for her when I got older. Anyway, it turned out that they were having some goodbye sendoff thing for a woman who was a nun and a former principal or schoolboard head or something of the schools. Mrs. Sherril called me over and I was thrilled she recognized me. I stood in one of the receiving lines that the nun walked between on her formal exit out. But I don't remember passing because I was looking in my wallet for business cards and she walked right by me. I felt bad and looked up, but she'd already made it to the end and the lines were dissolving into hugs and handshakes.

Then I went to work and apologized to the secretary/boss about being late. I said I'd count it as time off and submit a form but they said it was only a few hours and not to bother. I was so excited about that. But I kept worrying that it was the 13th and I was supposed to be in training. But I checked my calendary three times and the training was next week and I was indeed supposed to be at work that day. Which was good, because I was so late to work that I would have missed a lot at the class.

I woke up and went back to sleep. Then there was some event I left the office for- lunch or a trip to the amusement park or something. In the crowd on the way from building to parking lot, I ran into Andrew, a good friend from high school who recently e-mailed me (in real life) and I forgot to e-mail back. Anyway, so I was thrilled and hugged him and we talked a little. I asked whether or not he was back because it was homecoming. He said Homecoming was next week, not this. And I said that was weird. I thought it was this week. Then I said "Oh, right, the football game and dance at the end end of homecoming week... wait, they're this weekend, aren't they? So it is Homecoming week". He still told me it wasn't.

Later, after I woke up and went back to sleep again, I was not myself, but some character who happened to be a guy and who was living in this place which was either somewhere with a 1984-like government or living in a town which was like a prison and stricktly regulated. My girlfriend and I were helped to escape inthe middle of the night. We were all wearing large cloaks with hoods. We were led down to a rowboat in the water and our saviours sped us away on the waters to a new place. I remember trying to make the boat go faster, as it silently cut through the water on an otherwise silent night, by reaching down and using my hands/arms as paddles. It made more noise and didn't seem to speed things up too much more, so I only did it a few times.

In the safety of the free land, my girlfriend and I could finally get married. There was this little Las Vegas type chappel where you just go in, are surrounded by seedy characters, and get married in 10 minutes. After we started the "ceremony" (such as it was) one of the older guys who'd rescued us pulled me aside and asked what we'd done about rings. I told him we bought some at mall store for $5. He took me out to his place and got a metal detector out. He walked around with it until it beeped. ANd when it beeped, a lightning bolt came out of the sky and struck the ground, creating a big hole, which was to save him time digging. He found about 6 nice rings in a few places, several of which matched. One of which was a mini (ring-sized) version of this bracelt I got from my grandmother (in real life) which is gold with little red stones but is on a hinge so it's easy to take it off and put it on. I didn't like that one, but my ring finger (I was a guy, after all) was very thick and a few silver ones that fit were very snug. But I could live with that.

I went back and we resumed the wedding. There were no vows, but the woman married us used a script she'd used on someone else, so all the things were very specific to the other couple, including things like "I promise not to break the washing machine again" and names. She called my girlfriend Alice, which apparently wasn't her name. We laughed a lot during the ceremony. But we said our "I do"s and when it came time for rings, my girlfriend brought out the rings we'd bought earlier, still with the cardboard thing and pricetags on them. I had the good, old rings in my hand and surprised her with them. But somehow lots of angelhair pasta was in my hand now, too, so it was hard to find the rings. I kept looking around, not wanting to waste the food. I found the ring I liked best for her, which was silver and had a design on it (the plain silver band that matched it for me was way too big, but I couldn't find the ones that had sort of fitted me!) She took off her engagement band and I put the nice ring on her ring finger. Then I tried to find one for myself for her to give me and I think I just picked one that I could find which was the lesser of evils. We could always change later. She put it on me and we were man and wife. Then we walked back down the isle and when we got to the hallway outside the chappel we kissed and laughed and rolled around on the floor together, laughing and kissing. I hovered over her, on all fours with an "I love you" and she replied.

Then I woke up.

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Saturday, June 10th, 2006
12:32 pm
Dream: Helping?
I had the same dream twice last night, on purpose. I woke up in the middle for... obvious reasons. And then went back to sleep, thinking it over in as much detail as I could remember and managed to have the dream all over again (though the second time around I was watching it on television).

I'm using a cut because there's sex involvedCollapse )

Well... at least my subconscious seems to be in-tune with Pride Weekend here! :-)

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Sunday, May 28th, 2006
1:21 pm
Dreams: Two
Two separate dreams last night.

In the first, I was e-mailing some online friends, proposing a sf writing challenge, instead of just posting to the list (stupid me) I accidentally included, in that list, a research group from college. After sending out one e-mail explaining the challenge was to write something tonight, and then we'd all vote on the best something that got written, I sent out another three to clarify. One clarified that it could be anything written, or about a specific fandom. Then there was one entitled PS- reminding about something else I don't remember know. ANd there was a PPS- explaining yet something else I don't remember. Then (actual online friend) VATERGrrl replied to us all with two different pieces. I was overjoyed. But before I could read them, I got an e-mail from a guy named Ryan from my college research group saying he didn't understand these e-mails I was sending. I was terrified and embarrassed! Then I got a similar e-mail from Aaron (both of whom were actually in my research group). I was in the middle of composing a careful apology and hiding under the bed when I woke up.

In my second dream, there was some sort of contest where people were in round three of elimination (I was a contestant). I knew at the time what the first two rounds were about, and what it was for... and I'd even been through it before and made it to a final round at least. But I can't remember any of that now. Round three was "new" according to the instructor. The idea was to get eleven other people to sign cards for you. The people who got the most would go on to the next round. Well, most of the other contestants were all snobs, like the stuck up, too-good-for-you people in grade school. Everyone was assigned a three-letter title. And we were required to at least get the card signed (by making an X- which I realize now could easily have been forged! LOL!) by one particular person. I had to get mine signed by DEA. But we didn't know who everyone was, and the hand-written chart up on the blackboard was crap to follow, and the guy in charge didn't give us cards (there were some paper towels stacked on the far side of the table- two long school cafeteria-type tables- that had folds so that they were the right size for the cards used in the demonstration. Only the "cool" people had access to them at first, putting me at a disadvantage, and then people just started working on the challenge and the guy didn't even announce it was time to start. So I went around asking, unable to find a person with DEA designation. I made X's for people on two cards, and got my piece of paper towel ready for DEA to sign. But no one would listen to me. THey were all in a big group, signing each other's, but I wasn't allowed to get others' signatures until I got DEA's first. I started yelling over their noise for DEA, and some guy tried to help me out calling out "Hey, this girl's looking for a DEA?" but to no avail. I finally found this guy named Casey (who was in my 3rd grade class) sitting at the other table with some other people who weren't even trying. I got Casey's X under my DEA header (blue marker, kind of sloppy, but readable!) and I tried to get the signatures of the other people sitting there, uncaring. But none were stupid enough to do it. Then time was up and I returned to my seat, dreading elimination. And I woke up.

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
1:06 pm
Dream: War
It was one of those continuous dreams that makes prefect sense... but now that I've woken up, there are holes and fuzzy points :-(

Something about living in a college campus-type environment and walking to the shopping center to get food/eat out. There was also something about buying used books. Anyway, while there, I met a woman who trains dogs as assistant dogs/guide dogs and I thought my cat, Maxwell, would be perfect. She's not into cats (exactly like a book I'm reading right now) but said if he behaved and responded to the training then he could do it as well. I was talking to the trainer about this later on the phone and I was in the actual laundry room of my house and looked up to see Angel sitting on the duct that takes the hot air out when the dryer is on. She was up there, kneading her claws into it to make little holes and I freaked and reached up and got her off it (before bed I reached up and took her off the mantlepiece in the living room as she was stuck). The woman on the phone was nice about it and said to come by the next day.

I did, but I brought my dog so I could be familiar with everything first before dragging my cat in. I was worried that my cat would still be too distracted by things going on. He likes new people but sometimes gets frightened by things like hearing a doorbell on TV that sounds like our old doorbell (which is what he is like in real life, only new people scare him a lot more). So I brought my dog, who was a beautiful greyish-tan weimaraner. I brought a few friends who had dogs mine knew and socialized with. So we headed to the trainer woman's town house for training. I kept giving my dog (whose name started with an F but I can't recall it now) "with me" commands, which is what we use with my parents dog in real life. So ew got to the house and went inside. There was a gated area just inside where other dogs were. We greeted them and then I was the one to open up the gate (just like the gates we use upstairs in my house) with one hand while holding the leash in the other. After I we went into the room, I closed the gate behind. Then we let the dogs run free in the room and the adjoining few rooms to get to know each other.

The trainers-to-be all sat down in chairs around the perimeter of the living room, and we did an exercise with the trainer where we divided into groups (one group accidentally only had one person, another had 4 or 5- ours had 3) and given plastic placemats with illustrations of a story on them and we all had to figure out separately and then together what was going on. It wasn't until we were sharing with the group that we figured out what was going on in our mat. It was the story of a rural village (a farming AND fishing village, the group determined) where food was hard to come by as they had to sell all their crops in order to afford taxes to the evil tax barron. It was forbidden to fish for salmon, and (according to our mat) those were in a special pen in the oceanside (apparently they were saltwater salmon!). We thought (before group share) those were piranha but then another group explained about the salmon rule. So in ours, the main character stands up for his village, goes in, and reaches into the forbidden portion to pull out a salmon. He chops off the head and lies it on the table in front of the tax guy who repeals the tax (in the next group's placemat) because of his guts. Turns out the evil guy was actually a military trainer and looking for people to fight. He was incredibly cruel and evil and mean, but had a position of power he could not easily be moved from without a revolt.

The group sitting way across from me consisted of one of my high school best friends and a Chinese girl- they were talking fluently in Chinese (even though this best friend was Korean, apparently she also suddenly knew Chinese) and my best friend suddenly admits that when she was fighting in the war as a child, she served until this evil guy.

Then there was a cartoony flashback of a warship going into battle. Thunderstorms and water everywhere- the deck was flooding. The evil guy was always surrounded in black lighting, with blue and purple light on his face and an evil grin. One young blond boy figured, in the midst of battle, what the evil guy's weakness was and became an ally to an underground unit trying to get him removed. My best friend's task was to spread that word that he had the answer, even if no one else survived. So we saw her, for years (or seconds, in the form of a montage), trying to get back to command central, cralwing and nearly starving to death, to deliver the message.

It was delivered finally to a small outpost which consisted of members of the rebel alliance. Then Luke Skywalker, one of the members present, decided he needed to finally do his final challenges to become a Jedi. Leah (who apparently already did hers) told him what to expect without giving away the surprise about him being Vader. As they headed to a cave to do the challenges, I thought to myself that I'd seen that part in a move last summer, and then I woke up.

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Thursday, May 11th, 2006
7:34 pm
Dream: little bits
Took a nap and had a dream. It's just a jumble of images:
Trying to find a spot for my green yaffa blocks in the basement here (which are standing empty by the door still)
Finding, on the wall across from my bathroom, a washer and dryer I hadn't noticed before- they were GIGANTIC and apparently that size because they're typically for hotels, for washing sheets and things.
Then I was parking and walking towards an elementary school. There were two binders sitting alone by one of the brick columns holding up the overhand over one of the entrances. One of the binders was navy blue and there were puffypaints badly writing out someone's name. I opened it and flipped through it and someone had written a story about superman and not making the baseball team and sneezing. Then kids started filing out of the school building and I went back to my car so I didn't block the school busses from leaving.

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
9:21 am
Dream: Work
Very bad dream last night. It revolved around my work in RL. I was with my boss and our bosses were holding a meeting suddenly that we needed to be at in an hour and a half. I said I didn't have anything to do before then so I said I'd go over on my own and get there an hour early to discuss the agenda and all that before the meeting started. I went to the fridge to get some drinks to take with me (like I do in RL every time I leave for work in the morning) and several co-workers were there getting food they'd stashed there as well. One woman couldn't find her bread and butter and I spent a considerable amount of time trying to help her find it. Then one of the women standing near me got a call from our bosses and there was a message for me from one of my real life co-workers about not being able to get onto the Intranet site (which this woman in RL has told me about before, and I've had to troubledhoot). So she decideds to just hand me the phone because the question/explanation is too long and it's one of my bosses and the cell phone cuts out halfway through.

I go to leave and my car breaks down in the intersection right outside on my way. I drag it off to the side so it's not in the middle and then I get out this backless mortorized chair. I sit in that and ride that most of the way there but then it breaks, too (I think I used the motor up!). Finally I get to the meeting and I'm 5-10 minutes late instead of an hour early. They're talking about bad days. And I mention some insight I had about some bad guy I've been trying to talk with regarding work. And I try to appeal to his kindness but he's not a blue (SDI tool we use at work in RL) and as I'm part blue I feel like I expected everyone to act like a blue, except that they don't and know I know not to expect it.

We take a break from the meeting and somehow I'm suddenly in this huge mechanics room onsite and my boss- who suddenly turned into Gibbs from NCIS- has a daughter there who is played by the actress who guest starred in an episode of Judging Amy (where she, this little kid, is sent home to live with ehr parents again and she shoots her abusive stepfather). Anyway, she's been caught in the mechanics so her arms are stretched out to be, like, 40 feet long. She's plastered up against a wall, with the bottom half of her torso closer to the floor where I'm standing and the top half at least 20 feet up in the air. She's still alive and talking and begging for help. I go get the others, who find her thanks to my pointing or stumble onto her on their own. Everyone is shocked and disgusted and then boss guy/her dad comes in with military guys behind. I want to know what he's going to say to her- she's pretty much about to die. But then I wake up.

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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
12:48 pm
Dream: Adventure
I had two dreams last night. The first had something to do with a modified version of Survivor. Because I woke up afterwards and said out loud, to remind myself, "Survivor, only different down the middle". I was certain I would remember exactly what I meant by that! LOL

When I went back to sleep, however, I had a much different dream. It started with me being in a city and there being murders everywhere. I have a feeling my father was around or something, but I don't really remember this part much. All I remember is a movie theater with a huge pentagram painted on the floor and dead bodies arranged around it. It was some ritual where the murderers needed 12 altogether but only had something like 10 now. Every day they added one. For some reason, no one moved the bodies and the movie theater still conducted business around it. Even though everyone was scandalized and worried about who the murderers might be.

Then I sort of changed POV's and was in a small village (ala the movie, The Villiage). I was following a teenage boy (in third person) who was blind. He was sort of beloved in the village. Wise and kind and the person people looked up to. He was supposedly going to die, though, which meant he had to go on a journey out of the village (where no one went until they died). So they had a goodbye ceremony for him. A few little kids begged him not to go but he couldn't argue with tradition and it was "his time". So he got in a small boat and sailed off down a river. A very smart cat all-black named Miss. Tabitha stowed away in the boat.

The boat went down the river and ended up flowing straight under/into an old mansion house. The boy and cat got out and explored. Turns out, that was the murderers' headquarters and all the people they'd killed were people from the village. So as soon as they saw the boy they lured him in with kindness but with an intention to kill him. Now one of the village adults (who somehow knew what was happening) followed without him knowing and provided a distraction so he could escape the moment the boy figured the whole thing out (blind but very smart).

So the boy ran back in the direction of the village, and the murderers ran after him. There were lots of close calls- shirts getting grabbed at and ripped, tripping on the sidewalk but getting back up again. Miss Tabitha (running along with the boy) actually jumped in the guys' faces and hissed and scratched a few times. But it was the fact that the adult from the village (a woman) was there that made them finally pull back with a "well, I guess we don't have to kill another tonight. That can wait." The boy knew she was there, helping him, but didn't understand why she would stay back or how she would get out of this. Somehow she was in on it and trusted by the murderers, so she wasn't going to be murdered. But before the boy could make it all the way back to the village on foot and before he could make it all out, I woke up.

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Saturday, May 6th, 2006
5:13 pm
Dream: Hockey and more
I took a nap on my couch just now during a hockey game and it seems to have influenced my dream.

So I had a dream where I was here at my desk and I looked over at the couch to see a hockey player had been taking a nap there. Uhhh... yum? He was DAMN cute, and the name on the back of his red & white generic jersey was HENRY. Anyway, he was all smiled and stretched and we ended up having sex here where my desk is, but it had turned into where my bed was. It was slow and sexy and very good.

Afterwards I went to tell my mother about a dream I had just had where I had sex with a hockey player, but she was too busy with something she was reading to talk to me about it. So I had a half of a grapefruit (in real life, I just discovered we had grapefruits in the fridge) and I took a sugar packet off the table (instead of using the sugar container we have, even though I saw it on the table, too) and sprinkled sugar on it. I ate it but was still hungry after.

Now I don't remember what happened next or in what order, but I remember some things:
-I ran and told my sister about it, and she was all nodding and smiling but I don't think she believed me (she did like my description of the guy and said he sounded cute- dark hair is all I can remember now)
-I was at a sort of olympics and outside the hockey stadium. I saw the Chinese hockey team doing synchronized drills, jogging and things. They passed right by me
-I went to explain this to my mother as well, and she listened this time. But I went into the kitchen and nuked some chicken breast and was eating it. She was agog and asked why I would eat it because I'm a vegetarian! I tokd her I was just REALLY hungry (and when I woke up jut now I really am starving)
-Something about me trying to find places to put my new books- I suddenly had a bookcase built into my bed
-SOmething about my team all signing a birthday card for me and my mother snatching it away and hiding it before it was all signed so that I wouldn't see it yet
-Something about a young, blond someone turning a corner in the house and bumping into my sister who was wearing a turquoise bead necklace she made herself

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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
9:19 am
Dream: Different
There was some sort of contest two men I knew were running, to set women up with these guys. They put an ad in Highlander magazine but only got six entries from local participants anyway (North Carolina) and even though that meant them not having to spring for plane tickets to bring contestants there, they were disappointed. I think I was one of the contestants and I was paired with a guy but we weren't to meet or having our first date for another day. I don't remember the reason, but I do remeber wearing a necklace that my dad (in real life) gave me with a silver chain and a blue stone in the center. It matched some red something I was wearing (another necklace? a headdress? I don't remember).

While waiting for the next day, I decided to head home. I worked at the zoo (a relative's girlfriend in real life just got a job at a zoo). Something about checking out the monkeys... and then using the bathroom before heading home. There was another contestant there- she had a sketchbook- and apparently I wasn't supposed to be fratenizing with her.

I went home but that's when things start to get all mixed up. I was walking/driving home with my mother and sister. We passed an exit sign for apples and lemons and she wanted to know what that was abut. I said it was how to get to the Apple House and she said "Ohhh, that's where it is!" Apparently we'd had some discussion about how to get there from where we were at the moment and she hadn't believed me when I'd previously told her the location. I wanted to swing by the mailboxes at the townhouse development before going home, so I could mail some things, but that was out of the way. So I decided I'd go out of my way in the morning and drop them off. For some reason we were definitely walking at this point and looking at a map. My sister noted how the route back to the house was a straight line back. ANd I said all we had to do was ask people if we could walk through their houses. Much laughter. Then we walked around the development to our house (the one where my old house really was... but my house in the dream was located in a completely different place- where Sugar used to live, actually). Then came the night. And I was watching Lord of the RIngs on TNT to pass the time.

In the movie, it was post RotK and Sam and Frodo (looking NOTHING like themselves in the movies) were looking after Boromir (who wasn't dead) and Aragorn (the men DID look like themselves in the movies) who apparently were ill. The hobbits put them to bed (ah, the same bed) and looked after them. And the next scene was the men waking up. Boromir was on his back, his arm wrapped around Sam. Aragorn was on his side, body curled and arm draped around Frodo. Aragorn woke, feeling better but looking damp from sweat. He stretched and rolled from his side to his back, finding he was lying next to Boromir. He smiled as Boromir realized the four of them were in bed together and he clearly felt better as well.

Then I woke up. Damn. Just as it was getting nummy! LOL

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Thursday, April 20th, 2006
11:57 am
Dream: Lots o' Sex
I had a dream where I was a somewhat large guy (think Drew Carey build) and I was... moving into a new home or going to work at a new place- one of the two or possibly they were one in the same. Someone I either knew or loved used to work there as well. And, somehow, I managed to get one of the women there in bed with me within, like, 3 minutes of arrival. There was something about pushing buttons and being allowed to read William Shatner's Tek War while having sex, rather than watching tv or listening to music during. Afterwards, this woman (for some reason whcih made complete sense... there was something about cheating or something) arranged for me to then have sex with seven other women who worked there: one for every day of the week. They were all lined up in front of me. They all had on various dominatrix outfits, and some had paddles or whips at the ready. And apparently they all liked guys of every size- they made sure to mention that to me. I picked the first one to start with and that's when I woke up.

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Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
11:50 am
Dream: Lots of different things
I had a few dreams last night but I woke up several times in the middle of the night and went back to sleep so I think that accounts for the different dreams.

First I was... somehwere... with a bunch of people who included my mother and my aunt from California. We had to cross some... area (a campus, a town, Disneyland? I have no idea). To do that, without being caught by people who were suddenly after us, we had to cut right through a restaurant and walk through it and go out the back door. We also had to slip through this very small doggy door-sized hole in one wall that went down onto stairs (just like the kitty door in my house right now). I went through first and then helped others through it, grabbing them at their waists and easing them down onto a stair. There were guys in our group, too. And I remember having to go back out again this way at least once or maybe back in again as well. Don't know why we were going back and forth if people were after us but *shrug*

Then I dreamed I was a grip at my high school and were were working on the one acts fall festival. They cast a person without much experience for the lead in a Shakespearian play but he turned out to be brilliant. After working for a while, I decided I wanted to order a videotape of the performance (because it looked really good) but it was one day until the performance. So I went to the person in charge of the list of ordering and asked and the person said I could but I had to do something in to make it worthwhite, which was to bring a homemade dish to the wrap party. So I had to sign a list with my name (my real life name) what I was brining, if I'd tested it on anyone, what those people (if any) had said about it, and what my phone number was. Some people said more than "main dish" in the "what are you bringing" box and the specific ones like "beans and ham dish" were circled. I was trying so hard to decided what to bring that I kept putting my phone number in the wrong box, stupidly. And then I couldn't really remember it- it was my new phone number (the one after the move, that I sometimes have trouble remembering in real life as well).

Then there was something about a girl who was going to have a baby (I just watched Claire's most recent episode of LOST about that) but she believed abortions were wrong and still wanted to have a baby... I think the father might have been Shakespeare play guy, in fact. She went to visit her aunt (either in a flashback or realtime, I can't decided/remember) and her aunt (who looked like Bill Paxton's mother on Big Love, can't remember the actress name) figured out he wasn't the father but gave her permission to have and keep the baby anyway. Then when she was closer to delivery time, she visited again and the aunt completely blew up- lots of shouting, anger, and she told the guy he wasn't the real father. Lots of arguements. Then, the next thing I know, there's a woman outside in a car that's labeled with lots of pro-choice stickers and such, but she's just doing it as a "hidden camera/joke" thing. But the pregnant women goes in and is soooooo glad to see a pro-life person there. Even hugs her a few times and thanks her a lot. Then I woke up.

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Monday, March 20th, 2006
12:40 pm
Dream: History Class
I had one of my "can't find the class" dreams last night. I really hate those. I was supposed to be going to my history class at school after gym class. But I couldn't remember the room (instead of "forgot to study for tests" dreams, I always have "forgot the room number" dreams). I opened up my planner to the front where I always write in the class times and room numbers, but it wasn't there and I was so worried and annoyed. I was walking up and down the history hallway of my old high school, looking in every doorway to see if I recognized people. But I couldn't find the right room and I was sooooooooooo worried because this was going to show up on my attendance record as skipping a class and I've NEVER done that and wouldn't dream of doing that. At one point I was so angry with friends for leaving me while I was in the bathroom so I couldn't follow them to class, and the next moment I was thinking maybe I should just skip. But I couldn't allow myself to do that and I kept looking. Finally I heard a familiar sound- the CSI theme song and I popped in with hope... but I didn't recognize anyone there either and they all looked at me strange. The teacher was a substitute so she couldn't help, but she was fiddling with some gadget and I took it from her and put it back together for her. Then I headed back into the hallway, desperate to find the room. But I woke up before anything more could happen.

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Friday, March 10th, 2006
6:17 pm
Dream: Race
NOTE: this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but it didn't go through.

Last night I dreamed I was on the Amazing Race, I think, but they were doing
teams of just one person. It was getting down to the end of a leg- perhaps the
first leg- and we were going from a castle or something to a hotel. I'd picked
up a bag of sugar in one of the challenges to use later on as per the
instructions (felt like one of those older video games where you carry around
hundreds of items and then need to know when to use them).

Anyway, so I got to the hotel and the little token in my hand which told the
series of floors I needed to go to on the elevator was half-covered in
ducttape (exactly like my car keyless remote control). So I made an assumption
and pushed the button to go, so as not to waste time. However, while in the
elevator, I realized I'd pushed the wrong button. Then, once I got to that
floor, I realized I'd used the wrong side controls. There were specific
controls for the left and for the right, and I'd used the right but I
discovered the token had three separate circles one with an L in the middle,
another with an 11, and another with a P (which meant roof, for some reason).
So I had to go all the way back down to the ground floor and go back into the
elevator and use the left set of controls. By then, at least two people (a man
and a woman) ended up catching up and passing me.

At floor 11 there was a small casino and I traded the bag of sugar for a
special ticket I needed to give Phill at the pitstop. Then I went up to the
roof in the elevator, worried and hurrying, only to find the woman had checked
in first and won the money. I was bummed and kept verbally beating myself up
for making such a costly and stupid mistake. Phill awarded her the money, all
in $20 dollar bills.

But then there was some problem/mistake and people had to do the last task
over again and I did it seemlessly and came in first. He said I won and I
didn't believe him since the woman was still there and still holding all the
money. And then I woke up. Bad timing; I could have used it! LOL

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Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
9:46 am

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